Challenge: WWF just launched a new campaign called “Love It or Lose It.” In it, they use the ideas of love and loss to raise awareness about the connections and interdependencies between people and nature, the impact human activity has on the environment, and what we stand to lose if we don’t show love to the natural world. How can WWF get people to not only understand Love It or Lose It, but get them to participate with it in a wide-reaching activation?

Insight: In a series of psychological studies conducted across America, scientists have found that simply asking people to reflect upon how they want to be remembered by future generations can lead them to engage in more “helping behaviour” in the present.

By harnessing the idea of positive legacy-building, along with our love and care for the wellbeing of our descendants and the natural world, we can unlock a powerful route to motivate people to take action that will benefit the future of our environment.

Idea: WWF compiles the world’s largest time capsule of love letters in a digital activation – and releases the archive 50 years from now for future generations to read. 


Creative Partner: Dan Cramer