︎ Problem: Millions of children are suffering as a result of armed conflict in their home countries.

︎ Solution: We created a range of ideas to help tackle the problem, from creating indestructible shoes, to turning major brands into UNICEF ambassadors.

︎ Wishing Well
Challenge: How can we get people to donate their disposable income to UNICEF?
Idea: Turn all of the famous fountains around the world into UNICEF donation fountains for one day.

︎ Children of Syria
Problem: How can we show people that children are living and dying in a war even more horrific than wars that happened hundreds of years ago?  
Idea: Turn a shocking photograph from a Syrian war-zone into a massive oil painting that looks like it is from the 18th century. Put it on display alongside centuries-old famous paintings of war in the Met. Museum visitors, as well as anyone who sees the painting in the media, will be hit with the haunting realization that the seemingly classic painting of times past is actually a scene from our present world.

︎ UNICEF Book
The Problem: There are about 27 million children out of school in conflict zones around the world. How can we help them continue to learn while they are out of school?
The Solution: Transform the iconic UNICEF box into more than just a symbol of hope, but also a tool for education. Print educational material and lessons on the boxes so children can fold them into books. Deliver life-saving supplies and learning materials all in one box.

︎ Everlasting Soles
Problem: Refugee children often flee their countries with nothing but the clothes on their back and the shoes on their feet. Their shoes often get destroyed, and it is extremely difficult to replace them. How can we bring public attention to this problem while also helping to solve the problem?
Idea: UNICEF partners with Nike to create a pair of indestructible shoes for refugee children and a counterpart pair for people in the U.S. to purchase for themselves. Every time someone in the U.S. buys a pair of the shoes, a child refugee will receive a pair of the indestructible shoes.

︎ Creative partner: MacKenzie Hart