︎ Problem: People don’t realize that there is lead in their tap water. How do we call attention to the importance of filtering tap water?

︎ Solution: 
We thought of many possible solutions, and here are a few of our favorites.

︎ PUR Baby: Create a baby bottle that changes color if the water in it is contaminated with lead or other impurities.

︎ Signs of Lead: A lead level warning installation on the street signs of New York City.

︎ Behind Closed Walls: Set up an IKEA kitchen model with a twist. Take away the perfectly painted wall to reveal the rusted, corroded lead pipes that are commonly found in people’s homes.

︎ Filtered Fountains: Set up PUR filters on the most famous fountains in the world, so people can drink from the fountains they had previously only been able to admire.

︎ Creative partner: MacKenzie Hart