Approximately 115 people die from opioid overdose in the US every day. So, this means that on the same day that world-famous celebrities like Prince, or Philip Seymour Hoffman, or Tom Petty, died from opioid overdose, a staggering 114 others lost their lives too. 

The nation mourned the tragic deaths of these celebrities, but may have had little sense of the greater loss experienced on that very same day. We are tapping into the insight that our audience cares deeply about its heroes in order to make it aware of the significance of this vast, equal-opportunity crisis.

We urge people to educate themselves on the impact the opioid epidemic is having on our society, and on what they can do to prevent it.

One Show Young Ones – Silver Pencil, 2018
58th Annual Hatch Student Awards – 3X Bronze, 2018

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