IV League is a Boston-based IV Hydration company that primarily treats hangovers.

Challenge: Show how effectively an IV League treatment works to cure a hangover. 

Idea: IV League’s customers can quickly transform from shameful, zombie-like hangover demons into upstanding, optimistic, contributing members of society.

Solution: Juxtapose those smiling, healthy faces that definitely don’t look like they were recently on the precipice of death with bold proclamations of what they were doing the night/morning prior to their photo being taken.


Client: IV League
Agency: MMB
Creative Partner: Michael Philbin

The biggest challenge IV League faces when attracting new customers is the fact that hungover people act like scared little animals, cowering in their homes and severing contact from the outside world as they nurse pounding headaches and chug Pedialyte. So how do we reach these potential customers when they refuse to come out and play? Simple. We get our message into their homes the night before… when they’re blackout drunk.

Let’s offer to pay for the delivery containers/boxes that local pizza shops, Chinese places and Mexican restaurants send out between 12 and 4 A.M. on weekends, as long as we can feature a little bit of messaging along with it…