Sadie Devane     Art Director


︎ M.S. Advertising, Boston University (’17-’19)

︎ B.A. (Hons) Visual Communication, NCAD (‘13-‘16)


2020: Kinsale Shark Awards – Young Shark Shortlist

One Show Young Ones (Merit); Hatch 59 (Bronze)

2018: One Show Young Ones (Silver); Hatch 58 (Bronze, X3)

2017: William V. Shannon Scholarship; Fulbright Award Shortlist

2016: Highly Commended Award for Visual Culture, NCAD Class of 2016

Hello. I'm Sadie. When I was nine years old, I realised my name is an anagram of 'ideas' – so naturally, I latched onto this coincidence, and made it my entire life. Now I have a growing list of ideas that I probably don't have enough time to complete before I die.

There's probably not a huge number of people on this planet that grew up on a dairy farm in rural South-East Ireland and then went to art college in Dublin and then moved to Boston to pursue a career in advertising, but I'm one of them.

You can piece together more about me and my professional experience on LinkedIn, where I sound a bit more like an adult, or you can download a copy of my CV here︎